OsNovum - Bone Regenerative Technology

OsNovum Nearing $150K in Funding

OsNovum has reached a milestone that will allow us to complete our submission and clearance with the FDA. This was our primary goal in selling shares of OsNovum and we thank all of those who have invested. We have been live on Wefunder for approximately 1 month and have 3 weeks left to raise additional capital.

Our plan is to complete our submission and clearance for OsNovum and when we have acquired clearance, the value of your OsNovum shares will be significantly enhanced and our ability to raise funds to introduce the OsNovum clinics will be greatly facilitated. We are contracting with NAMSA, a testing laboratory to complete the necessary tests. For those interested, early bird pricing is still available. Have a great 2021! 

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