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Regenerative Solution for Poorly Mineralized Bones

A localized application of our regenerative material can improve bone strength with the goal of preventing fractures in people suffering from weak and frail bones. Our regenerative material stimulates bone-producing cells (osteoblasts) to increase bone density.

treatment for weak bones
Without our compound, no other material can truly stimulate bone growth.

Increasing Bone Density Reduces Bone Fracture Risk

Preventative care is the best solution for avoiding future breaks and fractures. While there are many oral drugs available, the side effects are significant and often times patients refuse the treatment to avoid those side effects. The technology OsNovum has created approaches the treatment of weak and frail bone in a very different manner. We decided to go straight to the cells that grow bone and give them what they need to do their job: our patented molecule.

Our localized application and methodology was designed for the osteoblasts to have direct access to their bone growing “fuel”. After they absorb it, the proliferation of millions of cells is ignited and rapid bone growth occurs (osteogenesis).

How Does It Work?

  When our material is placed into bone, the osteoblasts in the bone absorb our patented compound.

  The osteoblasts then migrate into the surrounding tissue to increase the mineral density and vitality of the bone.

  Because the regenerated bone is new, that renewed bone is stronger, healthier, and more vital.

Osteoblasts migrating into OsNovum
After six weeks, OsNovum is forming healthy vital bone

Proof of Value

OsNovum introduces a groundbreaking solution for bones weakened by osteoporosis thanks entirely to nearly two decades of vigorous research and development offered by our founders through SteinerBio. Our performance as a seasoned market disruptor with unrivaled technology has allowed for a strong competitive edge.

Our regenerative technology is already on the market and performing well as it has shown to convert poorly mineralized maxillofacial bone into dense, healthy vital bone.

low bone density
fat cells in poorly mineralized bone
Poorly mineralized bone filled with fat cells
bone regeneration
healthy regenerated bone tissue
Stimulation of bone formation makes bone stronger than normal

As seen in the radiographs, the white and black arrows show a thickened crestal cortical bone that is compensating for the poorly mineralized cancellous bone. The cancellous bone lacks radio density as outlined by the red arrows. The second radiograph shows successful regeneration of the cancellous bone with a good dense trabecular pattern three months after treatment with our regenerative material.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our technology produces bone faster and at a level of bone density above normal. For this reason, we are the only locally applied material and the FDA allows us to claim that it stimulates bone formation.

Proof of Market


Osteoporosis is often called the “silent thief” because it is not until a person breaks a bone that they become aware of any bone deterioration.

What if we could restore the density of the bone before it has the chance to fracture?

Osteoporosis Incidence

By 2025, the incidence of osteoporosis in the U.S. will rise by 50%, boosting the demand for our technology dramatically.

Introducing bone regenerative technology into the healthcare industry takes time and effort.

While our technology will be available to all technicians with training, we plan to create a new model for the treatment of skeletal disease. Typically, a patient’s physician has minimal training in treating osteoporosis. Most physicians simply make a diagnosis and prescribe a drug. We are going to revolutionize this model with the introduction of facilities designed exclusively for the treatment of skeletal diseases.

OsNovum Clinics for Skeletal Health

Because osteoporosis is poorly understood by many physicians, it is the reason why treatment of osteoporosis is unsuccessful and incorporates undesirable side effects. However, there is a large body of science that has not been shared with the average physician treating this disease. We now know that medications, diet, gut micro flora, and lack of physical activity can induce osteoporosis. Our facilities will be a direct conduit of new scientific knowledge from the scientist to the patient. OsNovum will contract with top leading scientists from the various fields to formulate our diagnostics and treatment protocols.

Another factor to take into consideration when dealing with osteoporosis is the effects of muscle wasting, termed sarcopenia. Muscles and bone are in direct communication. Weakened bones lead to weakened muscles and this is termed frailty. The development of frailty as we age is a disease outcome and not a process of aging. A goal of our OsNovum clinics is the elimination of frailty associated with old age which will expand our life expectancy and improve the quality of life.

Osteoporosis Affects All Of Us

So it’s going to take all of us to make a difference. 

That’s why we have launched our crowdfunding campaign to bring this life changing technology to market through the largest regulation crowdfunding portal: Wefunder!

Investing in OsNovum

Through this platform, you can easily contribute as little as $100 and help bring hope to those suffering from osteoporosis, low bone mass, and other skeletal diseases. Additionally, your gift also makes you an owner of a small share in this exciting new champion in the world of regenerative medicine!

Please take a moment to learn about our mission and how you can contribute.

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