OsNovum - Bone Regenerative Technology

We have just launched our crowdfunding campaign to make OsNovum technology and OsNovum clinics available to those who need it through Wefunder!

Invest anywhere from $100 to $100,000

Our Technology is FDA-Cleared

Our technology produces bone faster and at a level of bone density above normal. It has been cleared by the FDA for use in maxillofacial bone. With your help, we can take this regenerative technology to the skeleton in those suffering from low bone mineral density or osteoporosis.

Our Technology is Patented

The founders of OsNovum own the patent to this technology. For 15 years, our owners have been developing, perfecting, manufacturing, and marketing this novel material for use in the maxillofacial area to great success. To date, there are countless patients in this country right now who have successfully regenerated their own jaw bone thanks to OsNovum technology.

Localized Treatment for Weak Bones

A localized application of our regenerative material can improve bone strength with the goal of preventing fractures in people suffering from weak and frail bones. The ease of use and time-saving attributes of OsNovum make it a far more desirable choice for both the patient and healthcare provider when compared to the systemic pharmaceutical alternatives, which are known to harbor side effects.

New Clinics Dedicated to the Treatment of Skeletal Diseases

While our technology will be available to all technicians with training, we plan to create a new model for the treatment of skeletal disease. We are going to revolutionize the maintenance of skeletal health with the introduction of facilities designed exclusively for the treatment of skeletal diseases: OsNovum Clinics. OsNovum will contract with top leading scientists from the various fields to formulate our diagnostics and treatment protocols. Our facilities will be a direct conduit of new scientific knowledge from scientist to patient.

By 2025, the incidence of osteoporosis in the U.S. will rise by 50%, boosting the demand for our technology dramatically.

Osteoporosis Incidence

55% of Americans over the age of 49 have either osteoporosis or low bone mass.

What if you could restore bone density before it has the chance to fracture?

What if you could help normalize the maintenance of skeletal health?

Now you can by investing in OsNovum!

Investment Opportunity

We have filed with the SEC to kickstart a fund raising campaign through the regulation crowdfunding platform, Wefunder. The capital being raised is intended to bring our regenerative technology to market and coordinate the introduction of the OsNovum treatment facilities.

Investing in OsNovum

We invite you to visit the Wefunder funding portal by clicking the link below and join us in our mission to bring a novel technology to the osteoporosis market and deliver the life changing treatment to those suffering from low bone density. Whether you’re contributing $100 or $100,000, share your passion for bone health and scientific research by becoming a new owner of a small stake in this exciting venture.

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